A photo tour of the Salathe Wall

The route starts on the buttress in the center, goes about 1/3 of the way up and then descends to the base of the heart. From there it follows the left edge of the heart up trending left, turning roofs, and finally surmounting the overhanging headwall. Clicking on the images will take you into the trip report.

Siva, recovering from her fall. The route looms above us, up and left.

Me, starting up the annoyingly difficult 5.8 second pitch.

Siva, leading the third pitch.

That red dot way.... down there is me.

The huge flake in the middle of the picture is the Half Dollar Mid-height on the far left you can see El Cap Sire.

Me under the Half Dollar about to turn the corner.

This is what lurked around that corner. Hard!

Smoke from the fires obscures Mike and I's view of Middle Cathedral.

Me leading the 15th pitch.

Mike sitting on El Cap Spire.

The view up from El Cap Spire. The leftmost V at the top is the famous headwall.

The view down onto El Cap Spire.

This is the most common view on a Big Wall.

The Block. I slept curled up with those boulders on the brink.

A telephoto of The Roof and The Headwall. The Line shows about where the route goes.

Me under the roof, about to start going out.

Mike on the summit.

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