So it's June, 2013, and I'm editing this page for the first time in 10 years.

It's hard to get over the absurdity that sometime around 2000, I thought Amazon needed pimping on my little home page. Or, the hubris that this page would be of any use at all in finding what you were looking for on the web.

As tempted as I am to just scratch this, instead I'm going to tidy it up just a touch, and leave it as an unassuming monument to what a links page was before the days of search engine optimization.

This trip down memory lane got me to thinking about the first time I looked myself up on the web, probably around 1994, on something like Lycos.

I distinctly remember that the first thing that popped up was a comment from an emacs lisp archive, saying what a good idea a small thing I'd written was, but:

It's too bad the code is such rubbish, so I've rewritten it here. ---a well kmown emacs developer

History seems to have been kinder to me as I can't find either the original bad code, or the rip on it. The oldest reference I can find to it is quite a bit gentler.

In the dark ages, the second hit was me calling George H. Bush childish in 1988. Who could have forcast the irony in that.

So, that begs the question, (well, not really, but let's pretend), "What's the oldest trace of me on the web? The first I can find is this completely useless effort from 1987. My favorite part of that? When did putting your phone number in your usenet .signature stop seeming like such an excellent idea?

I now return you to your regularly scheduled links.

Worth checking out:
A cut above the other outdoor e-zines.
Jesse's old word the day site was great.
This one is ok.
Magnetic Poetry
Speaking of words...
Horton, The Lorax, and others are on my shelf.
The World Factbook
Everything you wanted to know about countries all over the world, courtesy of your friends at the CIA.
Movie times.
Low Fat Vegetarian Archive
A fabulous archive of fat free vegetarian recipes!
Visit the national parks online. My favorite!
Phone Spell
What does your phone number spell?
Timezone Converter
Lily Wong
Hong Kong cultural icon. Or not, depending on who you ask.
How to become a curmudgeon
Weather Underground
Palo Alto, California
Yosemite, California
3D Infrared Satellite (cool!)
High Adventure Travel
Let me take a second to pimp my travel agent, High Adventure Travel. The did my intial set of tickets (Colorad to NY, NY to Athens, Athens to Cairo, Cairo to JoBurg, Nairobi to Kathmandu, Kathmandu, to Burma, Burma to Bangkok) for US$2,000. About US$800 less than the other places I called. In addition, they were very knowledgeable about the countries in my itinerary. I get nothing for saying this, but do yourself a favor and check them out.
FISH Products
Big wall climbing gear. (Entertaining on-line catalog).
Mountain Gear
On line climbing gear catalog.
On line book store. Wide selection, decent prices, selective notification of new arrivals.
Map Quest
Maps! Maps! Maps! I used to live here!
Raven Maps & Images
Maps as the merging of truth and beauty
Maps that are faces, or faces that are places, or... something.
This was a pretty easy one, 22515 points in total.
Mountain Light Photography
Galen Rowell is one of the few people I truly idolize.

The climber's advocacy group.
If you are a climber and are not yet a member, you should visit this sight to learn more about The Access Fund.
Rock & Ice Magazine
Climbing Magazine
Big Wall Home Page
Big wall climbs are all about spending multiple days and nights on the largest rock faces in the world. Brought to you by John Middendorf.
Rock 'n Road
Tim Toula's magnum opus on climbing areas in North America.
The Official Home Page
Cyclist stalker central.
Stanford Blood Center
It's sort of a long story, but I donate a lot of blood. I really want one of these jerseys, but that's 6,000 points. At around 150 points a visit thats about 6 years and 8 gallons of blood. If you see someone wearing one of those, be nice to them.
The bike I've been riding since 1990.

NY Times
Boulder Daily Camera
Rock Mountain News
American Society of Newspaper Editors
Geek Stuff:
Sam Spade
A spam fighting tool
The Willcam Group
Index of HTML Tags
Systems Internals
Low level windows utilities
You really need one of these, seriously, really.

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