27 Apr 1999
Au Revoir to Paris, back to Boulder for two frantic days.

28 Apr 1999
The going away party.

Beer, margaritas, etc... Get to bed around 3.

29 Apr 1999
Up at 6 cleaning the house. Then a days of errands including the last of the 11 shots I've gotten over the past weeks.

Finish all my errands earlier than I thought so I ring up some friends for one last margarita. Of course, one margarita leads to another, so its T-minus two hours until the plane leaves by the time I get in my car to zip over to Eric's.

Oooops, I left the computer in the back. I need to get it, because I don't want to mess around with wandering to Eric's house based on memory.

Pop the back, hop out and find-- Ooops, I didn't pop the back. Must have misfired on the lever. And-- Yes, you guessed it, I locked the door, so now my keys are locked inside a running car and I have a plane to catch that I'm already late for.

Welcome to my life.

What to do?

I pick up a rock and start banging on the window. For future reference, it turns out to be a lot harder to break a car window than you would think. My first rock is about the size of a brick. Beating on the window with it did nothing but make a cool sound and slice my hand open. Cool, blood is an integral part of any adventure. I am minus two hours into my trip and I'm already bleeding. A very good sign.

Take two: I grab a piece of an old curb so now I have a concrete spear. Yeah baby. Window broken.

I pop the door and off I go. I'm tearing down the road at 80 in the rain, smelling of tequila, bleeding like a stuck pig, no passenger window, glass flying all over the car, and... Reading my e-mail. Because I still can't find Eric's address. I end up having to go by memory anyway.

I arrive at Eric's house 15 minutes late, covered in blood, with the car that he is borrowing thrashed. Eric is not impressed.

I wash off some of the blood off and tear out of Broomfield for the airport. We make it with about 15 minutes to spare. I tell the woman at the check-in counter my story and out of sympathy, she gives me: get this-- two tickets for free drinks. Yeah, just what I need, more alcohol.

I didn't even use them, just went into a coma on the plane.

30 Apr 1999
Sleep and errands.

1 May 1999
Family Bon Voyage party.

2 May 1999
More sleep and errands.

3 May 1999
Even more sleep and errands.

4 May 1999
The traveling begins with the mass-transit pentathlon: A bit sketchy, but at least there are no windows to break. A seven-and-a-half hour flight to London-Gatwick, a five hour lay over, and a three-and-a-half hour flight to Athens.

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