who is Evan?

Facts: I grew up in New York and went to college at Columbia. In the realtm world, I took a great job at Bellcore but hated living in New Jersey so much that I had to ride my bicycle across the country to get the taste out of my mouth. Plexus actually funded my trip as a relocation expense, but then again, they went bankrupt three months later.

Given the choice between working at Plexus in bankruptcy or Rational, I was concerned enough about the corporate culture at Rational that I choose to deal with the uncertainties of bankruptcy. That got old after a while so I moved to Zycad, and then finally to Pure Software. Pure went public, merged with Atria, and things were looking pretty rosy. Then, out of the blue we announced that Rational was buying us. Oooooh, karma.

Evan on the Prow

Back at Rational, I decided to try the manager thing. They put me in charge of Visual PureCoverage and the Quality Engineering group. Things seem to be going pretty well, but my heart was really elsewhere.

In realtm life I play as hard as I work. I love the outdoors and do most sports. I used to race bicycles, but now spend a lot of my free time rock climbing. In November 1997, while scrambling on a beach in Mexico I fell 35' and broke my ankle quite severely (what happened, an essay I wrote about it). I no longer run, but I still regularly swim, dive, blade, hike, backpack, and generally seek out adventure and excitement.

ejb1 Occasionally I can be found indoors. If so, I'm likely to be eating spicy food, reading, watching a movie or spending a quiet evening at home with my cats.

I am passionate about all the things that I do and fear boredom more than anything else.

Life is too short to spend so much time with the things I do for work and fun in opposition. In May of 1998 I quit my realtm job and am going to chase my dreams for a while.

I spent the summer of 1998 living as a climbing bum in Yosemite Valley and now I'm in a masters program for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I am enjoying the program and learning a lot, but I've discovered that now isn't the right time for me to be here. In May of 1999 I plan on taking a leave of absence from the program and starting an around-the-world trip.

My plan is to travel until I get bored or come up with a better idea. Probably at least a year, maybe more like three. It will depend on what I find as I go. I plan on writing about it here.

The executive (didn't you always want to be an executive?) summary is that after a year and a half of roaming I settled in Southern Thailand.

In my two and a half years there I spent less and less time climbing and more and more time diving. I ended up a PADI Master Instructor and certified about 250 students. Were you one of them?

As usual, my own interests ran a bit darker and deeper so I trained in trimix to explore the depths and eventually qualified as a trimix instructor.

On my certification trip to the Similan Islands aboard the mv Scuba Cat we tumbled with multiple manta rays, lingered with sharks until we were bored of them, and even had a rare and edgy encounter with a swordfish while decompressing in the blue from an 80m(260ft) training dive. Sigh, I miss Thailand.

When not prowling the depths of the Andaman sea I was busy soaking up the Thai language and culture.

I met Siri in August of 2001 and we became fast friends. As we slowly surmounted the usual (and not so usual) problems of cross-cultural dating a special bond emerged unlike anything either of else had felt before.

There was a problem though, as there always seems to be in these stories. Just as I got the hang of the whole living in paradise thing, the real world came nipping at my heals. The tech downturn was not kind to my finances and it was time to make some big decisions.

For Valentine's day 2003, I bought Siri an engagement ring, and once she worked out what I was on about she said "yes," and we began planning a future together.

We married March 30, 2003 at her family home in Chonburi Thailand and immediately began US immigration proceedings (well, not quite immediately, there was after all a bit of a party, and of course some paperwork).

I've yet to summon the energy to write about the immigrant visa process, but know that the story has a happy ending. I returned to America in June of 2003, and Siri joined me a few weeks later.

We've been keeping a low profile, living with my family in New York. Siri is busy with English lessons, and I've been spending lots of quality time with my laptop trying to come up to speed on all the exciting new acronyms in the world of technology.

It seems though that the time has finally come to reenter the realtm world.

In Nov, 2003 I joined Scalent Systems and jumped back into the startup grind, doing whatever needed doing. That included a stint back in New York City as sales/field engineer by day, and a regular old, beat the bits into submission engineer by night.

While in New York, we lost a child. It's not the sort of thing you get over, or really, even get past. It's the kind of thing that stands you up and stops you in the eternity between one heartbeat fading away and the next never coming.

In 2008 we returned to California

Now we have Jayryn.

And Jolon.

In 2010 Scalent was acquired by Dell so I guess now I work with Michael. Or, rather for Michael? Or for 100,000, of Michael's closest associates? Or? Anyway, something like that...

Enjoy what you find on these pages, and best wishes on your own journeys.

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