My Cats


Asia is my sweetheart. An ex-girlfriend rescued her from an abusive situation and we instantly bonded (Asia and I, not the ex-girlfriend and I unfortunatly).

Asia is co-dependent, so I got Andee to keep her company when I was away for weekends. Given the month I spent shopping for him it's hard to imagine how I ended up with such a nut. He has mellowed now, but when he was young he went through a puppy phase. I used to maintain a stock of phone cables because he would keep chewing through them. It's not apparent how he knew the difference between a phone line and a power cord.


Asia-- No, I didn't name her.


Andee-- Yes, I did name him.

      Sadly, Andee passed in Dec 06 while we were in Thailand. He was a devoted companion to Asia right up until the end.

Asia returned with us to CA in May 2008. Her fourth cross country flight.

When I got Asia in Mar 1995, she already had one kitten so I figure in 2010 thats makes her about 17-years-old.

I had to have Asia put down in Jan 2010 under terrible circumstances. It seems silly after all we have been through, that her passing has effected me so much, but I had her for 15 years, and she helped me through some very difficult times.

After all that, to have her die from neglect has been very difficult for me to take.


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